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Hi Mr Sphesihle Sithole my name is Unathi a still growing into finding herself teenager I am from a christian family my dad being a pastor has made my life a little more difficult or rather different from my friends or I could say other teenagers life I would appreciate it if we could keep in contact in terms of writing a book about my life but not for the reason that i wanna be famous but a message to all the kids who feel stuck in the PK world(pastor's kid) I understand if you are too busy currently i live in Stanger in Durban doing grade 10 Love Unathi° Hope we'll talk soon
Rendanie · 4 months ago
Amazing interview but the quote that people love using that says "God helps those who help themselves" I turn to disagree on that because I've never came across such a scripture if there is please show it to me. God is in full control of everything nothing is too hard for Him if He created the world by Himself how then can we as mortal man have power to do things in our ability then God will carry on from were we left? Why didn't we help Him create Heaven and Earth to prove that He helps those who help themselves?? 🤔🤔🤔
JustRaye · a year ago
You are now famous. If it is possible. Please notify me on my email if you have other books salemmasibi@gmail.com Love your work Shine bright.
Salemmasibi@gmail.com · 2 years ago
love your stories mate hope to see more
Asten Mugala · 4 years ago
Your work is absolutely breathtaking... ??? Too proper... ?? I freely confess-ur work is my addiction... May God bless you infinitely ????
Charis · 5 years ago