Rare but still could be trusted.
It remains strong even after being tested.
Love that carries every need, every want.
Grows in my heart like a beautiful plant.
I can’t even remember the meaning of the word “can’t”.
In all and in everything I always can.
Because it works like a beautiful plan.
It feels like fresh air of a fan.
Loyal to me like a soccer fan.
Love I never knew existed.

You came and you stopped a speeding car.
You became music to the quiet bar.
You became glasses that could make me see near far.
You became the one and only shining star.

You would be a finish line to those who are near.
You would be a soft tissue to those full of tears.
You would be strength to those full of fear.
To those who need to be heard you would be an ear.
But I’m in need of love to me you are an angel.
You closed an empty angle.
You separated me from being single.

Because of you I live in my own world.
That is why to me you mean the world.
You are more than any meaning.
That is why words can never be enough.
Since I had you everything is fine.
Forever and ever you will always be mine.
Even when I expect you to, you don’t cross the line.
You are like water that turned in to a wine.

I can’t count the number of smiles you gave me.
I can’t count the number of words you said to me.
I can’t count kisses you gave me.
But I can guarantee life you gave me.
I can guarantee bliss you brought to my life.
I can guarantee the freedom you gave my heart.
Because you gave me love I never knew existed.

I see the beauty of the gold.
So many times about it I’ve been told.
The gold I ended wishing to hold.
But it could never make me feel this bold.
I want to grow with you until I am old.
Because you give me love I never knew existed.