I may be blind but I can see.
I may be dumb but I can differentiate.
I may be rooted Africans but I am wiser.
I may be powerless but I can help.
I may be a South African but I am not ignorant.

I’m watching you Nigerians.
I’m focusing watching you Indians.
You China crew my attention is fixed on you.
Somalia’s and Ethiopians you also joined them.
Even you brothers from Zimbabwe and Maputo.
Malawi and Angola you are unstoppable.

I see your strategy to conquer my country.
Though you are not coming with weapons.
But I know this type of a war.
I call it an art because is so creative to strategist.
For a lay me to see what you are up to.

The ages guys from the West once conquered my African nation with various strategist.
So, my brothers, you make me weak.
I don’t trust you with my country economy.
Since you are continuing killing my fellow citizen.
Killing them health and economical wise.
Is the reason I don’t trust you.
My fellow South Africans live with fear.
You brought suffering to my people.
You baptised them with various sickness.
You threaten me with your high connection with high states people.
Never seen one of you fear my South Africans.
Your confidence is not that you are not coward but that you are connected.