In the dictionary I check what is a blessing!
Blessing – God’s help and protection, it says.
Oh how I enslaved my talents and feelings in me.
Pain and sorrow were where I was rooted.
Oh how I was intimidated by other people’s talents.

Finally a blessing came, a young girl named Blessing.
Blessing Marawu, oh how she came unexpectedly.
Comfort is what I felt in her, accolades are not enough.
I remember how I used to despair in my life but still she came.

Grey is my favourite colour she said.
Romance, horror and action are the kind of movies I watch she said.
Friday is my favourite day she said.
Uphuthu, rice and pilchards are my favourite foods she said.
My mom is the one who motivates me she said.

Oh how easily she can be underestimated by strangers,
But I assure you she is a living blessing.
She is not cynical I say, she is a living blessing.
Despising her dream is not what I wish to practise.
Oh how my heart thinks I’m jealous of her, am I?

But in the end she is a living blessing I assure you.
Blessing Marawu