It’s not excellence instead it’s stupidity
Why the inequality?!

Men are so selfish because women need to be cherished
They need to be respected, not to be beaten.
Women are strong
Men are wrong, when will it stop?

Abusing women and children
Isn’t the way to solve situations.
Having to cause women and children pain
But there isn’t anything to gain
Gender-based violence.

Coercion isn’t the way to make things right
Making a child or woman feel pain,
Only because you know that they tend to have
Arbitrary deprivation is an action that isn’t based on a reason
Gender-based violence is not done by mistake
It is a decision you make.

Women need to be strong, bold and brave
To speak up, not letting men beat them up
It can be so hard
But speak up fast because silence isn’t right.

Remember it’s okay to be not okay.
But having to cover your scars and pain, day to day
Isn’t the right way
It can only fade away
Only if you find a way.

To speak up, don’t be afraid
Be the most brave
For the abuser to pay
And simultaneously be taken away
Gender-based violence!