Dumisani was sitting on the sofa watching the repeat of Poetic Voices, the Durban auditions. And this was after Sihle’s performance that had Dumisani in tears.

“That was hot but let’s let the judges be the judge of that. Judges, let’s start with you Candice,” said Cyborg the presenter of the show.

“My God what can I say? You almost got me in tears, in fact if there were no cameras I’d be crying now,” Candice said and the audience laughed. “To be honest with you, words can never be enough to say that was beautiful.” Candice gave her heartfelt opinion.

“Well you heard it from Candice herself. Over to you Bradley,” said Cyborg.

“Let me start by saying I love my son. He knows I love him. But Sihle you got me feeling like I should tell him every day. And it takes someone as good as you to do that. You are that good and I don’t see why you shouldn’t win this competition. I believe in you, so don’t disappoint me.” Bradley, the second judge said.

“Wow, wow, wow! That is all I can say. Over to you Londi,” Cyborg said sounding excited.

“I’m going to give you some advice. I don’t know if you can do better than that but whatever you do please don’t drop. I understand that you are still hungry now and you want to go to Joburg so you are giving us your all. But should you go through even when you are in Joburg give us your all. Give us more if you can do better than that, but even if you keep just that standard I promise you, you will win this.” Londi the final judge said.

“Wow you heard it from all the judges. Now it’s time to find out if Sihle will make it through. Candice, yes or no?” Cyborg asked.

“A big fat yes from me,”

“A big fat yes from Candice! Sihle needs just one more yes to make it through. Let’s see if he gets it. Over to you Brad,”

“Yes from me.” Bradley said putting both his hands high above his head.

“Another yes, Sihle is through! I know many of you are excited at home but let’s hear what was going to happen had Bradely said no. Londi what do you say?”

“Yes, hell yes!”

“Three yes’s for Sihle and he is going to Joburg!”

Dumisani stood up from the sofa as the audience roared in excited cheers. He went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water. He looked at himself in the mirror and he saw a boy he was watching on T.V just now, by the name of Sihle. He got out of the bathroom and just walked forward and backwards like someone who had just lost his mind.


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