Thabiso heard a knock on the door. As he was about to open it, Mpho pushed her way into the room.

“I know she is my friend and all but I really don’t know what you see in her!” Mpho said.

“What are you on about, manje?” Thabiso asked.

“I’m talking about Mbali. Why can’t it be me alone. I mean she is not even your type… She’s an inexperienced girl and you need a WOMAN,” Mpho said as she moved closer to Thabiso.

“I thought that we had an agreement that our relationship was strictly no strings attached. Whatever is going on between me and Mbali doesn’t concern you,” Thabiso replied.

“So, what’s going to happen if you and Mbali start dating?” Mpho demanded.

“Don’t worry about that. Nothing is going to change between us – we are still going to have fun… if you know what I mean,” Thabiso replied.

“I really don’t get you. That girl has not even told you whether or not she likes you. You’ve been chasing her for months, yet you still go after her,” Mpho said.

“Ey, don’t be like that. It’s only fair that Mbali gets to experience what you’ve been experiencing these past few months. I’m a very patient man – I’ll wait for her,” replied Thabiso.

“Mxm, you can be such a jerk!” Mpho said furiously as she walked out the room.

Days past and spring was just around the corner. Mbali and her friends had already decided that they would go to the spring bash in two weeks time. The only problem was that they all had dates, except for Mbali and Mpho.

It was a week before the bash. Mbali had been hoping that Thabiso would ask her to go with him to the dance. But he hadn’t. She couldn’t help but think that maybe Thabiso had lost interest in her. Maybe she was pushing him away by not telling him how she felt about him.

Mpho, on the other hand, was still sleeping with Thabiso. She kept Mbali in the dark about what was happening. She had feelings for Thabiso and didn’t want to tell any of her friends. “They are going to judge me. Mbali is sweet and innocent. But it’s not my problem that she is playing hard to get and the two of them are not dating yet…” she thought to herself.

Two days before the bash it was Lucia’s birthday. The girls had organised a small party for her and they invited other students, including Thabiso and his friends.

The party was still rocking and everyone was enjoying themselves when suddenly Mpho and Thabiso disappeared.

“Has anyone seen Mpho? We need to change the playlist and she’s the one that knows how to operate this thing…” said Patronella.

“Nah, we haven’t,” said both Lucia and Thabi.

“I’ll go check for her outside. And, if she’s not there I’ll check her room… I need some air anyway,” said Mbali.

As Mbali walked past the pay phone next to the stairs, she noticed two people standing there just kissing. The girl looking like Mpho, but it was a bit dark and Mbali wasn’t sure if it was her. So she softly called out, “Mpho… Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me, who wants to know…?” Mpho said, looking in the direct of the voice. “Ooh, Mbali! What are you doing here?” Mpho said, shocked to see Mbali.

“The girls are looking for you and who’s the…! Thabiso! What the hell!” Mbali screamed.

There was silence for a moment.

“This is not what you think,” Thabiso said.

“I don’t understand… I thought you liked me,” said Mbali, still in shock.

“Hao! It’s not like you guys were dating,” said Mpho.

Upset by what had just happened, Mbali quickly ran to her room in tears. She could not believe what had just happened. Mpho was her friend and Thabiso was her…? But still, she liked him and Mpho knew that. How could they both play her like that, she thought.