As the days went by, Mbali and Thabiso started to become close. Mbali was now visiting Thabiso on a frequent basis. She even told him when she was going home for weekends. Thabiso did the same – even though they weren’t dating.

Mbali knew that Thabiso liked her. She liked him too. She even told her friends about him. They had mixed emotions about him because they had seen what he was all about. They felt that Mbali deserved a nice guy, who would complement her.

It was a Tuesday. Mbali had come back from school early. There was nothing for her to do in her room except listen to the radio. So, she decided to go pay Thabiso a visit, rather than be bored all by herself.

Knock. Knock. Thabiso opened the door and welcomed her inside.

Mbali said, “Hey Thabiso, I thought… Oh! Mpho! I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

Mpho said, “Hey, Mbali, how are you?|

“If you’re really busy I can always come back later,” Mbali said.

But, Thabiso answered, “No, please stay. Mpho was just leaving.”

“Hao…! You are chasing me out? It’s not like you guys are dating. Mxm! It’s fine, I’ll leave.” Mpho said and left the room annoyed by what had just happened.

Meanwhile, Mbali was still surprised to have found one of her friends in Thabiso’s room. Whenever she had spoken to them about him, they were either not interested or they would start telling her how bad he was and that if they dated each other she would only end up with a broken heart.

Thabiso said, “Ey, why are you so quiet today? Are you good?”

Mbali said, “Yes, I am… Uhm… So Mpho is also your home girl?”

“Nah, me and her are just friends,” Thabiso answered. Quickly changing the topic he added, “Anyway, girl, we should be talking about you and me… what’s happening?”

Mbali said, “What do you mean, what’s happening? We are friends… Hao!”

Thabiso said, “Come on, Mbali. I’ve told you how I feel about you. But if you want me to remind you, I will. I’m really into you!”

In her heart, Mbali really liked Thabiso too. That is why she was spending so much time with him. She really enjoyed his company. But, what about all the things her friends had told her about him and what she had herself seen… He was definitely not what she had imagined her first boyfriend to be like. Besides all this, she liked him and was ready to let him.

Still sitting in Thabiso’s room, Mbalis said: “Uhm… Thabiso, I think you should know how I feel… I really…”

But, before Mbali was able to say how she felt, there was a knock at the door and Thabiso went to open it.

Mpho was there and said, “Where is Mbali?”

Thabiso said, “We are still busy.”

But Mpho added, “It can’t wait. Mbali the girls need you.”

Mbali had no choice by to leave with Mpho, who was practically dragging her by the hand.

“I’ll see you later, Thabiso,” Mbali said.

On their way to Lucia’s room, Mpho was acting a bit off but Mbali paid no attention to her – she already knew how moody Mpho was.

In Lucia’s room, the girls had gathered to work on a group assignment.

Thabi said: “Hmmm, where have you been, Mbali?”

Mpho answered for her, “She was busy playing house with Thabiso, while we’re busy with an assignment.”

“Haibo, what’s wrong with you today, Mpho? You’ve been like this ever since I found you in Thabiso’s room.” Mbali said.

“Mxm, I’m going to my room, I’ve done my part,” Mpho said.

Mpho left the girls. But she didn’t go to her room like she had said. Instead she went to Thabiso’s room…