“Eish guys, Mbali has also dissappeared,” Patronella said.

“I guess you can’t rely on kids these days,” Lucia replied and the girls started laughing.

“Stop it, you two! I’ll go check on both Mpho and Mbali – maybe something is wrong,” Thabi said, as she walked out of the party.


I’m glad that she knows about us now. There is no reason for us to hide it any longer,” Mpho said.

“What’s wrong with you? Your friend is hurting and we are to blame for that!” Thabiso replied.

“She’ll be fine in a couple of days. Who knows, maybe she’ll even find someone who really cares about her feelings,” Mpho said.

While Mpho and Thabiso were chatting Thabi walked past.

“Hao, Mpho. We’ve been looking for you. And, where is Mbali?” Thabi asked.

“Uhm… I think she went to her room,” Mpho replied.

“Oh, OK. What are you guys doing here because the party is inside and wena Mpho, they need you,” said Thabi.

“Yeah, we were just about to go in,” Thabiso said.

“Please tell the girls I’ll be there shortly. I’m just going to check on Mbali,” Thabi said.

Mpho and Thabiso made their way back to the party while Thabi went to Mbali’s room.


There was a knock on the door. Mbali ignored it at first. But then she finally decided to open the door.

“Sho! If I was being chased by police, I’d be caught by now,” Thabi said joking.

“Sorry,” Mbali replied as she climbed back into bed.

“Haibo, Mbali, you’ve been crying… What’s wrong?” Thabi asked.

“Nothing, I’ll be fine,” Mbali said.

“Come on, girl. I know we’ve been friends for just a few months but we are all here for the same reason. And, if one of us is having problems, then we should be there for her. We are family now,” Thabi explained.

“Mpho and Thabiso have been seeing each other,” Mbali said in tears.

“Wait, which Thabiso?” Thabi asked.

“The one we know and, yes, with Mpho, our friend,” Mbali replied.

“Whaaat! Why would she do that – she knew you liked him. Kanti what’s wrong with her?” Thabi exclaimed in shock.

“I know, but the part that hurts the most is that I’ve been a fool. Mpho was always in Thabiso’s room. I should have known that something was going on,” Mbali said.

“Get out of bed. Pull yourself together. Cos we’re going to confront those two snakes,” said Thabi.

“No!! I don’t want to make a fool of myself again. Plus it’s not like Thabiso and I were dating,” Mbali said.

Girl, friends don’t do that to each other. And, she must know that!” Thabi said.

“Thabi, please just let them be. I’ll be fine,” Mbali pleaded.

“Fine, just stay here. But I’m going to confront her,” Thabi said as she walked out of Mbali’s room and went off to Lucia’s one.