Wow I exclaim
None of the usual
Journalistic stereotypes
That is the daily

Regardless of whether
The reporter is embedded
In blue or pink

Women wow at city’s jazz festival
A refreshing article without
Describing any of the physical
(musicians inspire with demos too)

Drummer and singer Sheila E
Rather Pete her inspiration
He joining to demonstrate
A drumming technique

(He is on Santana’s Moonflower
And there is a Coke Escovedo
On the band’s Inner Secrets)

No adjectives telling us
Of the tall dark and lovely
Microphones she used

How elegantly-shaped
Her drum-set was
The sexiness of the
Percussion on glass bottles

Wow I exclaim
The article is non-sexist
The writer gender-sensitive

Now might it be done
Elsewhere in life
Describing people as people
Describing humanoids as such

Or is that just too many rivers to cross

“Women wow at city’s jazz festival” (Sunday Argus, April 3 2016).