Six years of trying to burn these borders that separate two hearts that were meant to beat in unison.
Six years of trying to demolish this demarcation called distance, that holds our love in solitary confinement.

We have been trying to set alight these bridges that keep us apart, but it has been six years now and they are still resisting our fire.

Tt has been six years since love at first text
six years of love without touch
six year of loving each other like humans love stars
six years of loving from afar.

Our eyes yearn to behold what our spirits have already seen, our hands yearn to touch what our souls already possess.

Six years since memories have been queueing in the pipeline waiting for us to make them.

Six years of electric love.
Six years of loving each other in fear of battery lows and power cuts
for when batteries are low and powers are cut this love tends to follow the same pattern too.

Six years still standing, even in times of power cuts this love has managed to find its own light.
Six years of cyber cuddles and virtual valentines.
Six years of data dependent dates.
We have been waging war against distance and its demons and our love carries the scars, yet even after six years this love has not given up.
It is still fighting.
Temptations and tests are distance’s allies in this war against our love,

above all it has been six years of learning:
learning to love with our souls and not with our eyes.
Learning to love beyond sight.
Learning that there is no distance in the realm of true love.
Learning that a journey of six years begins with one text.