I could not sleep a wink last night
You were the only thing on my mind
I hoped you would love me for me
Accept me with all my flaws
Understand that I have been broken before
Broken to a point where I never loved again
You came into my life
Changed all that
But now you want to break me again
You tell me that I should not hope for more
I should accept what you are giving me
To be honest I would
But that is not enough
It is breaking me into pieces
Turning me into a monster I do not even recognise
I guess you are all the same
You first gain my trust
Then strike
Strike me with the most venomous poison
Then leave me heartbroken, but you say
You were not trying to break me but build me
Tell me that you still love me and still care
Cause that is what I am holding on to
The mere fact that you love me
That you still care
I know that I shouldn’t be begging you
But this pain stings
The pain you have caused
But my love for you remains