The pride I get as a father
I had to take a pen and tell you my feelings
I may not be there when you get this
But it comes from a place deeper than the ocean

My blood, my son
I am proud to have had the time to call you mine
Nine months you were in her womb
Nine months I didn’t know who and what you looked like
Now I know!

You were born not an hour later
I smiled like I just got a promotion, yes indeed
I became a king when I treated your mother like the only woman available on earth
I look at you and I see me
Your long nose and big hands

Loyalty is rare and I got it from your mother
Love is blind but I see it through you
Life is nothing but I dream
And I love being in this La La land

Your job is to protect your mother and your sister when I’m gone
Even if you have friends, don’t let them use and trick you
And blood is not always thicker than water
Watch the company you keep

Humanity has become endangered
Jealousy breeds hatred and violence and you cannot close your third eye.