(I wish Heavens would open and give you this letter)

Tears are shed
When reality reminds me
That you are dead
I know you wanted to stay for a little while
I know, because you told me that you will never leave me
‘your mind wanted to rest’

I still remember that day like it was yesterday
I was at school when my neighbour came for me instead of you
through her eyes, I could see that terror was with my family
And when we got home
There it was
your body was frozen like ice
you couldn’t see anything,
not even the tears that I gave birth to when I saw you lying there paralysed

I went near the bed where you were lying
Surprisingly, your heart was still pounding,
And I felt your heartbeat
A beat that was telling me something

“Son, don’t you cry, I will always be there for you”

I touched you
you felt my touch
I know you did,
cause I didn’t feel your heartbeat after I touched you
You faded