People are busy with my life,
Their hands are busy juggling
My life

Their minds don’t know that
My life is not what their eyes
See on my profile picture

People’s hands are busy
Dating my album to judge
My life from the pictures

People are never happy with their
Lives, their mouth are thirsty
To gossip about my life

Their eyes are spending sleepless
Days and nights trying to watch
My life like their favourite movie

A day never closes its eyes
Without people following the
Makeup of my identical shadow

People’s brains have memorised
The image of my shadow from
The darkness, their eyes are able
To compare my shadow with

People I used to call friends
Now swim behind my back
For they want to read my story

People are no longer dancing
Joyfully with their life, for
Their hearts are not happy
With what God showered them with
Right from their mother’s womb