Why me? Because if not you then who?

Who’s supposed to go through what you’re going through?

Who’s supposed to feel the pain you’re feeling?

My sister, my brother, pull yourself together this is life,
This is reality and reality won’t have sympathy for you,
No one will rescue every one.

Cry all night but be forever grateful for seeing the next day!

Smile and laugh like you have no worries, stop!
Stop depressing yourself with unnecessary questions,
Sorrows are life and life is reality

You don’t find a job? You can’t further your studies?
You live alone? You’re not lucky for marriage? So what?

You want everything? You want at least a little?
But you have everything! You have life.
You can tell when it’s cold, you can tell when it’s hot

Don’t let your mind destroy you, let your joy,
Let you heart sing that song, let you heart silence voices.

When the sun rises, it rises with sorrows,
And when it sets it also sets with sorrows!
If the sun can do that who are you to give up?