You came to my life as an angel
An angel from heaven when I wasn’t looking
An angel that came to give me the love I was seeking,
An angel that brought back the love I was longing for,
An angel that gave me back the connection I logged in to,
An angel that gave me back the smile I once had
An angel that took all my hard times away.

I always look at you and see my happiness
Whatever I went through you came to heal it with your happiness,
I never saw a person who has the heart you have
For I always found a person who had no happiness within them
From you I remembered what love is about and what to do now and then
You’re my reminder of what love is about
You showed me a purpose of what was and what is.

The Lord was never a fool to bring us together
Even though they will never approve of what we have together
You’re my joy and you never regretted my love for you
Maybe God always prepared your heart to see me
You’re my Hleng Hleng, my Dlatho, iNdlovukazi yentliziyo yami,
The girl I was bound to find, to have peace kwintliziyo yami.

I love you the way you are and with what you have
From you all the riches of this world are mine to have
You gave me peace, joy and all I wished for in a woman
You give me the care I always gave to all the other women
And never got it back but from you I have it always
I always cried and prayed for a woman like you,
Now that I’ve got you, I will never let you go away from me.

I know in you I have God’s love and the mother of our kids I always looked for,
I love you Hlengiwe Sweetness Mbhele and I will always do,
My whole heart is for you and I am crazy about you
You’re my treasure and I will always keep you forever
And never play with your heart,
That I will do.