As you were young
Like an embryo, my
Hands used to hold
You gently like an egg

My mind used to think
Of you as I danced on
This lovely planet, for
You were a blessing that
Our mother spent decades
Asking God for

My mouth used to say
Good things about your
Existence to my friends,
For you were so special
Like God

A second never passed
Without my ears hearing
Your lovely voice, for
You were always beside
Me, like my shadow during

My hands could never waste
A pinch of ink without
Writing pieces of your
Presence in our family,
For you were the answer
From God

Now you are grown up like
A tree, you have now
Started changing colours
Like a chameleon in front
Of my own naked eyes

Your hands are now hitting
My body harder as if it is a
Punching bag.
Your eyes no longer see
How far I carried you when
You were small like an ant

Your ears no longer listen
To what my mouth preaches
To you as I try to show you
The right path towards a good life

My reply to your actions are
Just sombre tears that fall
Like Niagara Falls,
My tears are no longer
Tasteful like sugarcane

For what goes around comes
Back around, I have
Hope that your mind will come
Back to me, like when you were