There is a saying that
Says good people die earlier than the bad.
Why are the good people taken?
When we still need them, they are gone.
Who will inspire me?
Who is your Hero?
Mine is Nelson Mandela.
Even though I am from Zimbabwe,
I respect that man, his life, his struggles, his fight, his tribulations
Inspire me.
He wanted the best for the country .
He wanted to see people happy and well taken care of.
He encouraged the people to unite by ubuntu.
He made the youngsters love education and said that education is for all whether
Black, white, coloured, albino,
He made sure everyone was equal whether male or female.
Mandela was a good man, a father to all South Africans, to all Africa.
Today we lost the Mother of all nations, Winnie Mandela, who stood with women.
She fought for women, stood for them all.
Why do we lose our Heroes?
Will there be another hero?
I will miss Nelson Mandela, and I still wonder who will inspire me after him.