Is to be trapped by someone I love,
Is to prepare my children to go to school
Not knowing that it’s my last day to see them.
My fear as a woman is to be inside the casket,
Because I was killed.
My fear is to hear my children crying and
Begging someone not to finish me.

As a woman in SA
I live my life with a fear
I keep asking myself, where is UBUNTU in this world?
Why is it hard for us to respect the decisions of others?
Why is it hard for us to understand that no means no?

As a woman,
I live wondering, since I survived today
Will I also survive tomorrow?
If God decides to take me today
Will my children be safe in this world?
My fear as a woman
It changed me to the point where
I no longer trust anyone in this world.

Because as a woman in SA,
I know it’s easy for me to be inside the casket
Not knowing the reason.
As a woman, they no longer ask your permission
To have sex with you but they just force you.
As a woman, I no longer feel safe.

I tried to hide my fear
And walk on the street like a free rock star, fully confident.
I tried to stay strong in front of my children
But the fear keep on reminding me
That it’s too dangerous to live in this world.