The atmosphere turned murky
Thunder clashed
The raindrops were shaken to the ground
As my steps closed her
My steps stopped her
I gave her the closed letter
Bye! Bye!

She was merry
Yet she venomed the happiness
Yes, in the lustrous garden Eden
Loved by Adam
Hardly she kept the law
Ooh she tested the sweetest rotten fruit of law
Which lit her eyes
And then she lost the precious Eden
Where hunger could not be fathomed
But the law moved them out
As we are moving out of this Eden of love
It was enough to be called Eden
But you break the law of love hearts
What else then?

To you, Egypt
My mouth spells “ciao”
Your gold looks are not worthy gold
Yes, you just glitter like gold
These hotter brinks like fire with sulphur
That are laid on your mouth
I can’t pull them out any longer
Better stay

Now Moses is my mind
I myself with my heart
Will cross this drowning sea of yours
Never will I with my heart
Get thirsty with this path of water
But will cross this danger zone of yours
‘Til I reach into the Promised Land

Though tough desert of love life
I might meet on my way
But can’t compare with your desert
Where its oases are dunged
Yes well I know I will one day
Step on the Promised Land of mine “Israel”
Which will border my heart love
With its plenty barrier
Protecting herself and me
All in all I know Israel will love me
Til the after forever
You, Egypt ain’t mine