I am a sage
Authentic ebony
I am a jack of all trade,
And master of everything

I am a rootless tree
Attempting to reach the sky on its own
I am an independent dude, you know,
Doing it for himself
A real hustler, I might add

I am flexible and auxiliary
I locate where I am welcomed,
Believe me, I do not overstay my welcome
I live by the quote which says,
“Don’t judge a man by his boxers, it’s what’s inside that counts.”

I am an intellectual adolescent,
Whose ambition is to make it into the real world out of nothing
A boy that wants to initiate his brand that is built on prosperity for all

I am a good-looking I must admit
I am every girl’s dream
I am no menace nor adversary
I give everyone serenity as long as I am still around

I have a white heart like snow
And a complexion that is as black as coal
I am spotted like a tiger
And as ruthless as a python!

Well, that’s me.
My continental apartment accommodates everyone!