Ever-smiley take the stand like a suspect in the trial
Gradually chasing away the dew
Redeeming the biotic creatures to existence
Flaunting landscapes and hills

The morning breeze takes its toll
Thorax and abdomen shivering
Hills undulating uniformly
Clouds drifting to this way and that

Drinkers quench for thirst
Convicts curse the day
Hustlers speedily get dressed
Flights took off to the hosting destination.

Atheist cogitating of setting traps and menace
Patients in trauma sense the Heavens
Indolent individuals still lay down

Ruffians hit the streets
Street kids scavenge
Goliath prepares for the war
Believers kneel down and ask for guidance through the day
Decent housewives prepare the breakfast for the family

Everything depends on light!