And death inside me.
Every way I move I am dead cat,
Nothing sees value in me.

It’s put me in grave,
It blankets me with soil.
I turn into bones: that’s so grave.
It woke me up, and covered me with foil.

It preserves me for next life,
It kills me with not enough,
It washes my bones and regrows my flesh;
That’s when I feel fresh.

And I live again, and happy again,
It then continues; I meet hollowed girl,
She perish her own beauty in front of my eyes:
She owns artificial beauty again.
I fall for her without me, that’s when I realise its downfall.

Just the day I can’t confess, ooh! no I can’t relax,
Kisses, in wishes can reverse
It’s just what I got myself into.

It’s day that surpasses perfection,
That’s how I can explain
If I am asked for explanation.

Lips can be pressed,
Presence of you in mind can’t be suppressed;
Ohh! I am so impressed.

If love can be written
On canvas, I can draw it;
Ohh! Please I am so dead.

How dare the day be so short?
It’s socks, I can return, that’s what she left;
If this love is for regrowth: I can’t resist.

The sound of your presence in my head can’t be ignored,
You just turn my day to good day girl;
I am so impressed.

How I feel can’t be suppressed,
All I have is you and me;
I am so insane,
Why you did this?