Where are men? Aph’amadoda?

Where is the first creature of human being?

The visionary of the works on Earth,

Rulers of everything in the creation,

The carriers of the great vision of God _ the Creator

The speakers of the heart of the Mighty Power,

Those who mind the Laws of God_Jehovah

The safeguards of families, Aphi lamadoda bakithi?

The suppliers of love in marriages

The pillars of the great strengths among families

I am questioning the real men. Aphi lamadoda?

Those who used to sustain their families

Those who condemn any form of violence against women and children

Those who love their wives to the fullest

Where are those genuine men in nowadays?

I don’t see them any longer, where are those men?

I observe only the abusers of women and children

The bargain hunters of prostitution,

The supporters of criminal activities

Oh! Where are those real men? Aph’amadoda?

Oh! People! Real men are overwritten by these perpetrators

The real men are overwritten by these hypocrites

Those who still accepted the manhood dignity are ruined by these oppressors

The dignity of men is supplanted by the haters of the Word of God.

Aphi lamadoda? Where are these men?