I’m a child on the move
Plodding doggedly on shaky ground
Stripped naked, denied citizenship
A stranger in my own skin

I’m a child on the move
Stranger to my extended family
I’ve got no ties with my past
No touch with my mother tongue

I’m a child on the move
Pacing up like a fleeting cloud
Aiming higher than my horizon
Set to search to unreachable

I’m a child on the move
Roaring like the Atlantic
I will trace the course of my life
I will make Africa proud

166. Being new in a strange place
Ntombizodwa Nomganga

Being new in a strange place,
I admit I was scared;
Too scared that I sought for something or someone
Of which I could not find
I was new in a strange place pretty much dazed
Wailing with woes I stood boldly;
I was lost in this new strange place
With the constant moving bodies of people
And moving vehicles, nothing stood still
Each one minding their own business
I wandered in vain, travelling aimlessly…
At last…
I came across a warder with nothing much of a surly face
I stood with contentment
“Warder, warder, please show me the way, I’m lost,”
Rasping at me;
“Find your own way,” with displeasure
I walked away hoping that this unwholesome warder
Would show mercy upon me but with no success…
I wandered till I found a way
And vowed to never go astray again in a strange place