Dreams, dreams, dreams
Mine are quiet, transient and serene
Flung from fingers inside of me
Strumming the inmost scars of my dreams.

She’s the sunshine,
She dances through the mountains, meadows and trees,
Stopping to rest, she adorns the shadowy streams,
All in the landscape of my sleep.

Sleep, sleep, sleep
There’s a fireplace to my frozen dreams
She lights my worries and sprinkles them down to the sea.
In the midst of her golden blaze, a feeling of glee,
Solace and warms my spirit until all my sorrows flee.

Oh, I die and die
In the mild whimpers of the wan-eyed dawn
Plunders her sight of splendour from my brows
And leaves me weeping like grass upon the lawn.

Dreams, dreams, dreams
I am but a fool,
Wearing her shadow
Like my favourite pair of boots