Ohh just wait, how about we talk about love
I know you love the word love but do you know what the word really means
Or you think there’s no love cause you’re heartbroken
No matter what, love is there I don’t care if you believe it or not
I’m aware my heart has been broken so many times I can’t lie
Sometimes I wonder if we understand the word love

Love is beautiful if you fall in love with the right person
I listen to my heart even if it disappoints me all the time
I give all my love but what do I get in return
I receive pain from someone I really adore in my life
Why can’t I meet the person who will know the definition of love

I’m not Doctor Love, but I know love will never hurt, the person does
Love is a piece of affection you can share yet receive worse and pain
Love is just simple ‘cause we need to be loved the same way we love
Love is there for you, only need to find the perfect partner to share love…
Love is scary ‘cause one moment you’re in love the next it’s over
I say love is also unfair ‘cause it will reveal its true colours
Love is a piece of work that you don’t have to give all your strength
You get hurt because you love too much and dwell on your feelings
Love is part of life, so love your life to receive peace and love