They say my father’s house has many rooms
That’s a truth that cannot be denied
I swear to eybilini
My origin, should I shout or beg?
Even if no one will come for me?
My centre directs me to you
For I don’t want to be here
I am waiting, waiting for my leader

Oh great word, come back, I hunger for you
My faith stands waiting
Stabs at my ribs
Blood pours, there’s no joy
It’s night at day, light is but a dream
Angel come close to me now
Make my dreams come true
Come save me, rescue me from evil spirits
They surround me, hunting me down
Constantly going after my soul

A grandmothers ululation is far away, forgive me
My father’s footsteps loud behind me
Stretch your hand Jehovah, kiss the softness of my feet
When I get home I will finally sleep

Please help me
There is no light
We keep the darkness at bay
But with you by my side, I’ll get to the light
My angel, hush me to sleep, take me home
Keep me away from sin
Cleanse me, take me to my father
My lips glisten
Good, Grace is fitting for me
Origin –I originate from you
You are where I will go to

My origin will end with you.