Ma what would I be in this life without you
You’ve been there for me since day one
I had been blubbering the day you brought me into this world
Up until I became a man that I am today you’re still here.

I can only imagine you were overjoyed,
You shushed me and told me not to perturb.
I can only imagine a drop of clear salty water
That came to the surface of your eyes,
I can only imagine how you gazed at me with love
While I was asleep in your arms
I can only imagine when you woke up
And you thought you heard a cry.

You have been with me from my crawling to my step-by-step
Until I walked, I thank you for being my life teacher, my trusted advisor.

You taught me so much that I wouldn’t learn from just anyone,
I am this kind of person because of the situations we went through together.

I love you whole-heartedly because that was the first thing
I learnt from you, if it wasn’t for you and your love maybe
My demeanor would be a lot different, if I had to choose my family
I’d choose you over and over again.