Do you want money or love from me!
Do you just want gifts from me or do you want you me to give you my attention and my time!
What you do think exactly when you are with me!
Do you want just an ATM from me or do you want me to be your friend!
When you were falling in love with me were you making a deal with me or were you just starting a relationship with me!

When you first saw me what did you see from me let me ask you a question did you even love me or did you just wanted to use me!
So please don’t judge me and confront me just because I wrote this poem because this poem just came to me and I didn’t even ask it to come.
Yes I know that you give me a full package but don’t you think that i also want to be spoiled at my age!
What do you want from me!

This poem is the best because it relates so much to me and I can’t help it because it comes deep inside from me so let me ask you what is my name or all you want is to play a game with me!
Let me ask you a question why can’t you just broke up with me and try to find someone who is better than me and who can do much more than I do for you or you just lost a hope that you’ve told yourself you can’t find someone who is nice and nicer than me because this poem is like a rhyme so please don’t you dare demand much from me because I also want to build up my dream.
So tell me what do you want from me!