As much as it’s loving, as much as it’s caring, as much as I can use it, sometimes, you should use it well, not overuse. You should take care of it, not just leave it like that. You should take care of it, you should love it like it loves you.

You should take care of it but how do you do that?

I always believed that I deserved to be loved, I deserved to be cared for and also taken care of. As much as my heart is big and as much as my heart is good, my heart was broken more and more by the people who I thought loved me, but they didn’t. They didn’t love me well enough.

They were not there for me and they lied to me. I didn’t know my worth I knew it but I believed that I deserve to be loved. But that didn’t happen, till I got older, better, stronger that’s the moment I decided to just let all the people go that didn’t know my worth and protect my heart. Love is something I value, it’s something I love, something I’m always ready to share. Express it, it’s something that you’re going to remember and something that you should always remember as an individual that you are special.

Love the right people, love them well and always remember that it’s okay to let them go. Let them go when they don’t know your worth and be ready to protect your heart, that’s one way to show that you love yourself.


Tell us: Do you believe it is important to protect your heart?