Ever since I was young.
I had a dream of being in a ‘serious relationship’.
Girls I dated were playing with my feelings.
But I never lost hope on love.
Even after being cheated on I had faith.

Then you came inside my heart.
You showed me true love.
You showed me the type of love I’d been searching for.
You helped me find myself.
You made me realise that,
Love is alive in me.

Then you started doing some wicked things,
behind my back.
The truth came out,
because the truth has a way of coming out.
I’d confront you, you’d say you are sorry.
But I hated when you said I “deserve a better girl”
I guess you never understood that I was happier with you.

I’m glad that we collected memories, not things.
Memories are what made write this.
You see, if dating you was a mistake,
then you are the best mistake I’ve ever made.

I was happy to be your pupil.
Because you taught me a lot
Now I have passion, faith and believe in love,
because of you.
You paved the way from gravel to concrete,
for the girl that will come after you.

I wrote this to tell you that,
I’m grateful to you.
And if you are reading this,
I hope something great is happening in your life.
I wish you all the best.