I’ve never been noted as the best before,
Before I was born I knew that God had
Already planned everything for me. Before people
Saw me as a failure.

Intelligence is a word I cry for every day,
My mind is ready and willing but reality denied
Me the chance. Am a combustible material, my
Heart fails to overcome disappointment. Am
Conscious that am not the best, but my dreams
Make me the best I think I am but reality fails me.

I’ve been waiting, hoping that something comes up
But wanting hurts, forgetting hurts but not knowing
Which decision to make hurt even more.
The reality tends to deteriorate me, I’m devoted to my dreams but reality fails me.
My dreams are the dialects of my mind, not understood by anyone.

All I do is wonder how, when did I go so wrong?
I’ve had a meeting with Paulo Coelho and Albert Einstein but they couldn’t help me.
Is it me or is it just the way it goes?
All I know is I want a happy ending like Cinderella.