The great bold eagle
Lord of the sky
Scans perimeters introspectively
With his eyes
His unfailing vision all over the expanse
Is his crown
His tail feathers serve as the sceptre
His awesome wing-span is royal regalia
High up, set in the crags, distant
Safe from the leavening influence of his subjects
His throne keeps on dispensing and dispensing.

Men studied him and adored with an admixture
Of respect and subtle loathing, embellished folk literature
They plucked his tail feathers to make fancy crowns
Mimicked his supreme capacities of flight and sight
Fossil-fuelled crafts ascended and started to rival
The natural ruler as the aviator spitefully downed him
He scouts the deadly reptiles, king cobra from afar
Saves the day as he nobly turns the threat into a feast
The iron bird of man though…
Only knows how to lust.