Dear son I can’t wait to watch you grow in your mom’s tummy
Like oven baked bread.
I can’t wait to watch you blossom as flowers during spring time
I can’t wait to watch you rise like a morning sun, son.

I’ll always be there to nurture your nature
I’ll always be there to make your impossibilities possible

I grew up with no father figure
Because the man who was suppose to be my father
Couldn’t figure out a reason to be my father,
He just flew away like a feather.

Son, it would be such a relief if you don’t relive my life
Know that your daddy lives for you and I’ll never leave you
They say all things come to an end but my love for you is endless.

I vow to adore you in your adolescence
I vow to march with you in your manhood
Promise to not forsake, forbid nor forget your father, son.

I can’t afford to have you right now
But I can’t afford to lose you either.
I’m reaching for the sky in search of the pot of gold
So that one day you may graze in your father’s legacy
Until then I’ll see you with my eyes,
Touch you in my fingertips,
Place your fresh flesh out of the flesh on my chest
As I utter these four words
“Daddy loves you, son”

Love, dad