My life has been a mess of financial distress
Suicidal thoughts
I was far apart
Being torn
But now I have won
The pain in my inner vain
Took each day step by step,
It’s a new dawn
Now I’m feeling reborn
Inner Caine, now I’m in a new form
My financial distress
Now I’m shaking stones
Making moves, more like true chess

I have been nothing to the public eye but dirty and shamed
To me it was nothing but a mere washable stain
My coat is waterproof for lots of rain
The pain in my inner vain
A rain stored in a bucket to wash away all stains, all strains and all my shame
Pain you are no longer my main, you are no longer in my inner vain
Testimony is for the experienced
The pain in my inner vain
You are now my gain
You cannot tie me, you are a broken chain.