Welcome to our ‘democratic country’
A land whose richness is shared among the rich
Where life is non-valued compared to an animal
A state whose future was and is misled by its leaders
This country is shadowed by a curse of discrimination
A state where the god’s and ancestors have forsaken…

Welcome to our ‘horrific post experiences’
A nation which reconciled not but pretends to be
Where discrimination remains the inheritance of our past
Only today we still feel the embarrassment and pain caused by missionaries decades ago
The origins were killed and burnt like nothing
Our government inherited a culture of killing the poor…
Police brutality continues!

Welcome to our ‘sacrifices & misery’
Looking back we see bloodshed for today we fail to forget
As a nation we compromised not only the economy but our dignity
Tonight we look upon the window but there’s no hope to a better tomorrow
We live in fear of what is to be inherited by our children
Only now we realise the uselessness of our sacrifices’…
We have dug our misery!

Welcome to our ‘confusion & demise’
Colonisation remains within our mindsets and lives
For today we forbid the conditions lay behind our ‘democracy’
A political dilemma was long bound to happen…
We live in a chaotic state!
Where ones’ rights are less respected due to status…
Capitalists come first
It’s within our wonders’… are we truly free?
Is there possibility of a bright future? What’s next?

Welcome to my ‘conclusion’
We live in a land whose roots are shaken
It is a nation that a poor person remains dull on the sunshine
We will never live to see the successes of our children if there will be…
Question the oppression of one to the other!
Our leaders need be trained to listen – attend to reasoning…
Not to their assumptions!
We’ve cried till drained out of tears and yet none is prepared to prioritise the origins prioritise…
Whose country is this?

Diseases live to wipe the poor
The money is spent on buying guns to kill the poor
I am lost as to what’s going on in South Africa…
Can I please be found?
Day and night we fear for the day the judgment will be effective…
Who’s to blame?
Only the ones’ who claimed to represent us got filthy rich
And yet we remained the street kids in our birth land…
We owe it to ourselves to destabilise the injustices and fight for what righteously is to leave for our children…
Are you with me???

Yeah! We are saddened to learn that:
For killing a Rhino I sentence you to death in prison
Oh! My mistake you killed Reeva… I can only give you 5 years imprisonment!
Now you’ll be living in luxury…
The benefits of crime are not only death but free everything in jail.
We couldn’t only kill you because you’re poor…
But because you’re the barrier between us and the profit!