You’re not just a woman but the one of my dreams
The soul mate I’ve been digging so deep to reach for
Only in your arms I can forever feel warmth and comfort
From the onset I knew that you’re my One True Love
Only the twists and turns of life have sharpened me to scan your love
My heart conveys a love that in a life time I had never felt at all.

Despite all our ups and downs I still and forever will feel the same adoration for you
Together we are only chemicals blended I swear
While our hearts a mended by unconditional – true love we share
Not even life stands a chance to despair us neither death will ever do
With you on my side I am an absolute complete man in life
You’re the greatest and absolute star in my life to live with and for.

Only, you’re the one with a secret code to my heart
You’re an extraordinary woman of a scarce calibre
Not just any kind of a woman but a perfectionist
It is in your presence that I feel my dreams to be alive again
Asking you to marriage would be an ultimate achievement of a life time to me
I owe you the credit of directing me to righteousness and responsibility to life.

Your life stature indicates your great being
Beyond all you’re, I am satisfied and grateful to have you
After all the years of pain and betrayal I’ve finally catches up with you
Together we future-lise with no obstacles will be left undefeated
It is in you that my happiness was hidden
Only, you’re that one woman whose greatness is associated to mine.

With no further expression I claim you to be my life
Not just my lifelong partner but my engine
You’re the healer to my lovical, emotional and spiritual wounds
As my soul provider I can’t imagine live in your absence
I will never let go of you at whatever the case maybe
It seems as if you’ve been forever part of me…

You’re the One True Love I treasure to have
The one best thing to ever happen to me
A blessing that came in disguise
To you I am thankful for all you’ve done for me
You’re One Adorable Jewel a man can capture to life
Together undoubtful we have a shot to a bright future nana…