Education is the foundation of life
It carries the human values as well as dignity
It can transform a person from one thing to another
Hold the edge of the utmost attempts
It’s a one-time only chance to a better future
The only respect a human being can need nowadays.

The chance to equalise on the gap in between the so-called classes
A bright investment to reach the requirements of the world
Interior of our living lives
Achievement that can’t be ripped off you anytime
The growing force of getting closer to the social freedom
Heights that can lift a person higher.

It’s compulsory to everyone with a dream
The source of making new records
Contestation of ideologies in writing and narrative
portraying the art of communication with the broader world
The first and the last wish in a person’s life to have
A well respected chapter in a person’s life.

It remains as the profile of the deceased and living masses
Defined as the tracker to those by profession are abroad
Applauded by those who’ve experience success out of it
Precious to those intending to undergo it
Scarce to those who never got a chance to attend
While time was right for them
Brings tears to those who were restricted to it.

The hurting moment to those who dropped out
A stress to those in its journey currently
Annoying to the ones a bit lazy at times
A bit scary to those starting
Fun to those are about to graduate
Education is everything to those having a better understanding of what it is.