Like the goods train that makes another jolting halt,
You’ve entered Matthew Goniwe Memorial’s silver gates.
You are welcome, you peace ambassadors.
Just like the lights of thy carriages,
Your entrance brings forth understanding.
how joyful we are to be rubbing shoulders
With men of your calibre. . .

We are the khayelitsha rail way station…
Offload! and turn the darkness of a normal day
Into a bright shiny day…

You will be counted one day amongst the good Samaritans.

Hail! Mr. Jau Morwe (C.E.O)
Once more your name has great significance
You are a lion that roars!
When it roars, it roars for change.
When it moves, it leaves the foorprints of a king . . .
Live long Mr Jau Morwe and your cabinet.
Long live!