Do not criticise others, instead encourage them
Do not look down on others, instead lift them up
Do not lie to others, instead tell them the truth
Do not fight with others, instead be a peacemaker and be of goodwill
Do not hate, instead love more
Do not be sad, instead have pleasure.
Be a gift and a helper to everyone
Be kind and polite
Sincere must be your middle name

Your love must be of God that endures forever
Helping must be a habit to you
Encouraging others must be a daily practice for you

Do not fool others
Do not be dishonest with others
Do not be untrustworthy
Do not be a disappointment
Do not be a failure
Do not be a disgrace

You must accept your mistakes
You must forgive and forget
You must be true to yourself
You must tend to seek knowledge and wisdom
You must set goals
You must implement your goals
You must turn over a new leaf

Do not break someone’s heart
Do not justify your mistakes to make them correct
Accept your wrongdoings and work on them
Do not commit an irregularity
Do not mislead others
Do not laugh at someone’s mistakes, instead rectify them
Do not mess up your own life, instead make it up.
Always be the first option
Always be trustworthy
Always be relied on
Always be supportive
Always be helpful
Practise the ubuntu principles.
Be of the people, by the people.
Do not stereotype
Do not take advantage of others

Try to learn others’ languages and cultures
Try to learn new things
Try to be patient even with others
Try to use different approaches
Take responsibility for your actions
Do not be desperate at all times
Do not panic
Try to remain calm
Exhale and inhale

Do not use others, then throw them like a sugarless bubblegum
Improve your vocab and the use of language
Practice effective communication
Have a good telephone etiquette
Do not be shy, but be yourself
Show confidence, show understanding
By so doing, you are going to be successful