It is a true fact that your birth was
Of bravery and intelligence …
Your foundation is made, mended
And cemented with characteristics
Of a real leader.
Oh! How I love you!
You fly high like an eagle boldly,
Strongly and confidently so with your iron hat,
A symbol of power and greatness!

When the taste of life turns bitter and distasteful,
I lift my eyes.
Unto you where my help is induced.
Yes you rise above hate
And envy
of thunder storm, hail, dew, gusty winds, snow and rains.
Even when heavy rains strike and strangle your power
When your head is down,
Crying as your body filled with rain drops!

You don’t give in –
With solar energy you get drained dry.
And dust yourself but still high.
Lodged with so many rainbow colours
You are still proud with an amazing flexibility.

You are:
An ambassador of a rainbow nation
A true indication of equality and liberation.
PROFESSOR indeed you are!
Because you educate the nation.
Young people and those who are illiterate
Don’t know the definition of freedom
but in your presence
They see and feel what it means to be free.

You symbolise and depict freedom and democracy…
South Africa flag my inspiration, my motivation
My hero forever be my Role Model…