Baby you know what.
I don’t appreciate you bossing me around.
I don’t like be treated as a doll.
I don’t like living under your rules.

Hon if you treated me right,
Maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.
You wouldn’t have to be curious
Or furious about me being busy.

Love if you truly loved me.
You’d be patient with me
And hear me out.
You’d do anything to make me smile.

Boo will I have to live under your spotlight?
Well if so, I have to quit.
Because quitters never win and winners never quit.
I’ll have to be a looser in this one.

Because baby you treating me like you own me.
Don’t make me feel as a prisoner, please.
Treat me like your queen.
And you’ll be my king.

My teddy-bear treat me right.
Make me feel special in every way.
Babyboy I’m yours and would like you to be mine.
Give me the attention that I need.
Love please don’t hide secrets from me.
Please don’t break my heart.
Hon please don’t let me feel pain.
And desire of indulgence.

Please let me be.
Let me live my life.
All I need is you to be my guidance.
I need you to love and care for me.

I ask you please don’t let me do something I don’t want to do.
Please be the one I need.
Show me that you are.
I don’t say you are to blame.

Partially you are.
But I’m also to blame.
I missed you and needed to be next to you.
I also had a guilty conscience.

Love is crazy.
I experienced it myself.
I did crazy stuff/thing for love.
Maybe I wasn’t thinking.

They say don’t think just do. Maybe that’s where I was wrong.
Although he made me cry, feel pain and be heartbroken.
I love him enjalo.
Bhuthi ndikuthandile.