Why do you close your ears
When I call out your name?
Why don’t you answer me
When I plea to you?
It’s been so long since I’ve lost my happiness.
I can’t remember the feeling of smile and laughter.
And you seem to enjoy watching me suffer.
It’s been so long

I’m waiting for my ticket to your world
But you don’t approve of me.
My life is hell,
Burdens on my shoulders
With no one to help.
I lost my dignity and reputation.
I’ve now become a laughing stock
To this world of yours.

Hear me out, accept my offer to you.
Open your mouth and swallow me,
I’ve heard enough.
I’m offering myself to you,
Because that’s the only ways peace will reign in me.
This life is hard,
But all I know is
If only you could take me for good I’ll rest.

For the sake of this life,
Invite me to your palace.
Mockery is my name
And I’m living as a jailbird.
Oh Dear Earth please swallow this troubled soul.