She did
frailer am I
than back then
when we knew

Knocked me off my feet
me minding my own
in these difficult times
when each is according
to their own I-me-mine

and betwixt the milk shelves
our conversing is the usual
of the everyday school
this old Manenberg friend

she declaring
The system has failed them
The system has failed us
The system has them failed
The system has failed
The system has

(polite we are
others name it
something else
somewhat harsher)

Knocked me off my feet
Knocks me off my feet
Knocks us off our feet

School does
the school system
learners not able
to read

(and thus
not able
to learn)

yet they pass
(and are passed)
they pass through
like thieves in the night

Knocked me off my feet

As you know, Knocks Me Off My Feet is a song by Stevie Wonder.