I was raised by a powerful force, raised by a queen without a crown, raised by a strong independent rock of a woman, raised by warm but firm hands,

Don’t take no nonsense black angel, she speaks her mind, if you dare to interrupt her she’ll disrupt your path, don’t you know she has walked barefoot trying to get an education?

Lost both her parents at young age so she grew up quicker than most children, later married a man who used her as a punching bag. He didn’t appreciate her so he verbally abused her .. See he wanted to break her but sticks and stones will never break her.

She doesn’t get much appreciation but doesn’t stop giving with no expectation of receiving, raised her own children and her children’s children, tell me how she does it…

I’m convinced she has secret powers, not only is my granny the greatest, she’s also the realest. I wouldn’t trade her for no other, she raised me so I praise her cause she deserves all the praises,

My love for her goes deeper than blood, it’s more like a bond, we’ve had our moments of conflict but what’s family without conflicts,

I’m just a grandchild acknowledging the role played by my special grandmother, and I thank God for your beautiful spirit. May the Lord bless you with more decades on this earth.

Everything you’ve ever taught me is imprinted in my heart from respect to humility, from right to wrong . . from the courage you have instilled in me to the way you made me see the world…

All I’m trying to say is, Enkosi Ntombi ka Nomnyaka for being you.

Tell us: Do you feel the same about your granny?