When I see a piece of paper my mind quenches and cries!
Wanting to express what lies beneath my mind
Creating my own forth-haven beyond the forth-universe

Where my body teams and aches to express what is inside my soul!
Where my emotions become one with my words

Without ado I obeyed
Writing a piece of my mind
Engulfed by bunch of emotions to express
Making an illusion become my entity

Trying to express what illuminates or shines in your mind
“Connects?” my words do with your soul
Words that flow like a river in wonderland
Making you lust for my words
Making your minds and spirits become one with my words
Engulfed by essence of my words you are
Quenching your mind’s thirst for poetry

My words becoming a solace to your hovel heart
Making you forget the problematic life you had
“Drunk by my words” you are
Yet my words own your emotions and you
Completely become my slave
“Sad or happy?” That’s my choice to make you feel!

Don’t blame me, because that’s just who I am
I’m a poet and my poetic words are meant to touch your heart!
To feel!! this emotion I want to express through poetry

To make you feel my words and feelings I’m expressing!

Quenching your mind’s thirst for poetry
Creating solace in your mind
And that’s who I am
I am a poet.