We were on a bus when I saw this beautiful girl
with eyes glittering like diamonds.
I did not believe in love at first sight before,
well, that very moment I was a victim.
I could not refrain from looking at her,
our eyes met for a second and she smiled at me.
I was eager to talk to her but the bus was full,
with no space to sit or stand next to her.
She outshone everyone in my eyes,
I already imagined her as my girlfriend.
This was strange and weird
because it was the first time seeing her.

Suddenly we heard a sound,
the bus crashing with a truck.
Everyone became quiet in a second.
The noise of the passengers faded,
then I spotted her covered in blood.
Oh no, she was injured, all of this happened so fast
I was not able to believe it.
I felt like I was dreaming.
The bus stopped, a few passengers were hurt
and sadly she was one of them.

An ambulance was called
but she and two boys were left behind.
The paramedic shouted,
“Time of death 21 July 2018 12h05!”
I was too late; I saw a hearse instead.
I wished I had already told her that I liked her.
I was too late, though she was just a stranger
I felt like I’d lost a family member.
I could not believe it was my first
and last time meeting her.
I was too late,
she was already with her ancestors.