Away from the starless skies
The roaring planes
The three am hooting taxis
The neighbour’s jukebox noise that syncs with your brain, you already know what will play after that Beyoncé 2009 hit or was it 2011?

A fresh breath of air
Clear blue skies
Stars that shine brighter than diamonds
Sunrises and sunsets that creep behind the mountains
Can you run faster than the hail when it drops without warning?

Early morning fires
Trips to the river for the laundry hoping you get there before the herding boys
Be careful not to step on the parcels left by the cattle
The catch-up stories about cousins of cousins that leave you wondering why no one told you that Mpumi got married?

A place filled with childhood memories
Late night stories that will keep you awake for many for nights to come
When the lights are switched on and it’s time to go home after a day in the dust
Are you brave enough to pass by the graveyard?